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Re: Epiphone dot

5/5/2003 4:40 AM
jason d
Re: Epiphone dot
I used to have a black one. I eventually sold it because I needed the money and prefered my strat at the time. It was a very good guitar for the money though and I often regret getting rid of it.
5/5/2003 8:32 AM
Doug S

I like my epi sheraton better than the dots  
Better fretwork, full binding, better work all around. still shit electronics though.  
Gold hardware, better finish nice inlays...
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5/7/2003 2:01 AM

Doug S  
Was that one of the $600 jobs? Thanks  
5/8/2003 9:52 AM
Doug S

It was $500 and add $60 for a case and $150 or so for some decent paf style boutique p-u's still well shy of what a gibson would run ya and with all the trimmings.  
I just cant handle unbound gibson/epiphones
5/7/2003 10:01 PM
I got an Epi Dot Deluxe off ebay for $350 including the factory HSC and shipping. Like new, not a scratch on it, dark burst with gold hardware. Personally I don't like the gold crap on the dark burst and am changing it to chrome. It sounded OK stock but I got it to stuff Z-90's in and I did. Looks great, sounds great, plays just fine for my no talent skill levels and a super buy.  
I'll never need any other semi-hollow for sure. And it looks like brothers in the burst Strat, burst JM, burst Dot huddle.  
YMMV of course  
5/14/2003 4:38 PM
David Warren
I pretty much agree with Steve A. You can find very nice Epi Dots and some not-so-nice Epi Dots. I played a natural finish Dot at a - now defunct - Mars music, and its build quality and playability were very good. Months later I played a red finished model and the top looked like it was made of Masonite (it was not, obviously, but it did have that appearance). It just did not have the same overall quality of the previous Dot I had played. I'd be reluctant to buy one without seeing or playing it unless I had the option to return it for full credit.  
I doubt that any are still out there, unless they're used, but I bought a DeArmond/Guild Starfire IV copy on closeout for $299.00. That's been quite awhile. It's an excellent semi-hollow guitar. All maple construction (two-layer top) and USA pickups. Good hardware. Fret job and finish also were fine. I'm pretty sure that these were made in the Korean Cort factory. Now Fender is having semi's made in Indonesia under the Squire brand. It's not the same guitar that was being manufactured as the DeArmond brand.
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