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LR Baggs "The Element"

4/16/2003 6:04 PM
LR Baggs "The Element"
Has anyone had any experience with the L.R. Baggs "The Element" pickup system? It's a new under the saddle design with a 9V batttery and a volume-control only preamp. It's slick - you mount a little wheel edge pot in the soundhole. My repair tech likes it compared to the older LB6 or Ribbon types.  
On another note, the same repair tech prefers Baggs to Fishman, because Baggs is easier to deal with and he thinks the products sound a bit better.  
4/17/2003 3:21 AM
Eric H
Re: LR Baggs "The Element"
That's a slick setup, James.  
Volume is all you need on the guitar, you can EQ it down the line (I think EQ is the secret to saddle transducers). No reason to chop a big hole in the side.  
I say try it, Baggs has a big list of well-known satisfied customers.  
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