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crate speakers

4/6/2003 10:07 AM
crate speakers
I REALLY need some advice... does anyone know anything about Crate speakers? I have a Crate G250 (old solid state amp) built around 1989. It has 2 12 inch speakers, which says on them "CRATE custom design.".  
Does anyone know anything about these spaekers? In particular, what other brand of speakers do these sound like (are copies of)? I want to replace these ones, (I really DO NOT like their sound)and dont want to buy a new set that has the same type of sound.  
Thank you,  
Ps it is not the sound of the amp that I dont like- its definately the speakers. A friend wired his soldano into them, and it still sounded bad. (not broken, just bad tone).
4/7/2003 6:20 AM

Back then a buddy in a band with me was given a bunch of money to go buy gear so he bought two crate g60 amps, one with the special design speakers for him, and one normal one for me. The one I used always sounded better, the speaker he had in his was flabby and there was no definition. I believe it was a sheffield or something.  
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4/7/2003 8:26 AM

Whose had the sheffields? you amp or the other one?
4/9/2003 6:44 AM

The one that didn't sound so good, and sorry I was looking at a sheffield when I wrote that. The amp had a celestion, but a really crappy one.  
4/11/2003 11:47 PM
David Warren
I think the Crate speakers are made in the Orient. That does not make them inferior, per se'. You may have some Far Eastern-made tweeters, made by Tang Band, in those high-end monitor speakers and don't know it because they look and sound just like their Danish counterparts.  
For a solid state amp I might look at some of the Jensen "re-issues", for example, and get a model that is more sensitive with a rating of around 99dB at 1 Watt/1 meter, or better. That way you get alot of output without clipping the solid state power section.  
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