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Re: Carvin C22 Vs. M22 Vs. other humbuckers...

3/6/2003 11:42 PM
David Warren Re: Carvin C22 Vs. M22 Vs. other humbuckers...
I had the C-22T in a Carvin guitar I ordered. Alder body and maple/ebony neck/board. Here's my take on the C22T...It's very bright, and that's the typical complaint about it. Carvin insists on using 500K pots with all their pickups, including the AP-11 single coils. I just installed an AP-11 in the neck position of a Strat, and I love the pickup. But, I'm using a 250K pot and a .033mfd cap with it. This is another Carvin pickup that does not perform well with a 500K pot. Forget about the 500K rule-of-thumb for full-size humbuckers with the C22T. If I were going to use one again, and I may, I would use 250K pots with it.
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