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Gibson GA35RVT

9/14/2003 12:20 PM
Kevin St.Pierre
Gibson GA35RVT
I have a Gibson GA35RVT that was given to me because it does not work.Does anyone have any info or mods for this amp,I understand it is comparable to a Deluxe Reverb? Can the Output Tubes be changed to someother type?
9/14/2003 4:41 PM

If it's one of the "white face" amps, ('65-'67), phase inversion is done with a transformer and they are notorious for going bad. The output tubes were 7591's and can easily be re-wired to use 6L6's. The schematic is at  
I've got 2 GA45RVT's and a GA20RVT, and while these amps are not as good sounding as the Fenders from the same years, they aren't that bad either...  
I think I've got a good set of tranny's from 35RVT, so if it is the PI tranny, let me know, and I'll look for it.  
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9/14/2003 4:46 PM
Bruce/ Mission Amps

Personally, I think they are vastly inferior to many of the amps made during the same time period and are notorious for being a serious pain in the ass to work on.  
IMHO they never really sounded that good anyway and most owners are kidding themselves. :)  
9/14/2003 8:50 PM

yea i know... i don't really like any of mine... i've gutted the 20RVT to put a princeton circuit in...
9/14/2003 8:51 PM

what i don't get is the notch filters... centered right around 400-500Hz... talk about a tone-sucker...
9/15/2003 3:26 AM
Kevin St.Pierre

Thanks for the info all-I think the Gibson can wait but I have other amps to repair and would like opinions on which is most likely to be a good guitar amp-here goes  
Traynor YBA 1-works but has problems.  
Kalamazoo Bass30-Haven't tried it yet  
Stromberg Carlson AU57 PA-A great sounding amp but needs multican filtercaps replaced  
Musicman 112 RD30-Just a chassis with a couple switches and transformers.  
An unidentified Gibson-maybe a GA300 here is the tube layout-6EU7 6EU7 12--7A 6EU7 6EU7 6C67 6L6 6L6 OA2 all in a straight line.(below the 6C67 markings on the same tube 6EO7).It has four inputs on the left and on the right two jewel lights Grn and Red with a knob below marked,Off SB ON ON and an input for a footswitch maybe? All function labels are homemade with a label maker.This amp turned on but one of the small trans.started to smoke so I unplugged it.OK I am open to suggestions.
9/15/2003 3:41 AM
Kevin St.Pierre

I forgot to mention I also have a Harmony H306C complete chassis with all tubes just need to build a cabinet.Another untried amp.I currently play through a very modified Fender 75.
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