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SED Winged C 12AX7

3/21/2004 11:32 PM
SED Winged C 12AX7
When Svetlana came out with their 12AX7 a couple of years ago, they were much anticipated but got poor reviews. Some said they had no tone and/or were noisy. Now SED makes a 12AX7-WC. Same tube? I'm guessing the WC part stands for Winged C. I've only seen these for sale at Triode and Antique. Curiosity got the better of me so I bought one that has an '03 date code. Well, there's no problem with noise and the thing sounds pretty darn good. Granted I only have the one and was testing it in the first position of several amps. It seems as fat as the JJ, but a little tighter on the bottom end and a bit crunchier when using overdrive. I'm surprised that you don't hear about these more often or see them sold at more places. They seem to be as good as anything you can get today. Anyone have any input or experience with this tube? Thanks.  
3/21/2004 11:56 PM

WC could stand for Winged C, Water Closet, or even Weak Chili. But I suspect it really means the next version after the 12AX7WA and 12AX7WB. It is just the next iteration of the tube.  
The real Svetlanas - the ones with the C logo - are not as widespread in their availability as the others. That is why they don't sell them in more places. I like them just fine.
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3/22/2004 2:05 AM

Enzo, I suppose you could be right about the WC thing, but the WA and WB were Sovtek not Svetlana. My understanding is that they aren't made in the same factory. Correct me if I'm wrong. What do you mean by "real Svetlanas"? Mine has the C logo. I thought the real Svetlanas were now known as SED and/or Winged C and what is now known as Svetlana is something different. I know there's been some confusion with the whole name thing. Maybe that's been hampering the sales end of things. Thanks.  
3/22/2004 4:01 AM
Dai Hirokawa

yeah isn't that a diff. factory (Svetlana vs. Reflektor)? I hope they're good anyway. God knows everybody needs kick-ass 12AX7s.
3/22/2004 4:08 AM
Bob S II

"What do you mean by "real Svetlanas"? Mine has the C logo. I thought the real Svetlanas were now known as SED and/or Winged C and what is now known as Svetlana is something different."
The tubes formerly known as Svetlana are still being made in the same factory they always were, but are now being sold under the SED name and carry the "winged C" logo.  
The Svetlana name is now owned by New Sensor. The tubes currently being sold under the Svetlana name are of new and/or different design, and are being manufactured in the factory that produces Sovteks (the Reflektor factory). I can't speak for the other current Svetlana-branded tubes, but my opinion of the new Svetlana EL34s, based on a very recent experience with them, is that they are pure garbage.  
If you want the Svetlanas we've all come to know and love over the years, you want the SED "winged C" tubes.  
3/22/2004 2:22 AM
Winnie Thomas

I bought a pair of Winged C 12AX7s recently, to try them out. Nice looking, long plates but both were micophonic right out of the box.  
3/22/2004 7:48 PM

The -WC after the type designation is the old desigation for "military/ruggedized" (the W) and "third version" (the C). Many tube manufacturers and rebranders these days play alphabet soup with their tube designations to improve the image of their product, and as such, the old designations--which used to actually mean something--have become a bit watered-down.  
If it has the SED logo and no winged C (Cyrillic letter for "S"), it's likely made in the Reflektor factory and not by the nice folks at Svetlana.  
C ya,  
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