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transformer gurus and historians?

2/26/2004 5:18 AM
Matt H
transformer gurus and historians?
So i recently acquired a bunch of really old stuff (Thanks chet! some odd voltage transformers and tubes mainly)...  
anyway- I've got this Kenyon Transformer model t263. it has no markings on the unit itself, except for all of these posts sticking out the bottom. There are 16 posts total. I'm honestly not even sure if this is an OT or a PT.  
It does say "good for 18 watts" and "for use between any plates and any grids" on the box it came in.
2/26/2004 6:01 AM
Dan McCue

sounds like an old interstage trans. If it is bigger the any 18 opt you've seen, then it sounds like an old utc I have(lol).  
2/26/2004 4:48 PM
Matt H

it's bigger than the PT on my fender blues deville, which is a 60W amp, it's obviously bigger than the OT as well...  
i honestly can't imagine how this is an interstage transformer...  
what's a UTC?  
just realized, UTC is a brand.
2/26/2004 1:49 PM
Le Basseur
Hi Matt H,  
,maybe you'll find something.
2/26/2004 4:36 PM

I think Kenyon was a Japanese transformer maker. Try looking on eBay.  
2/26/2004 4:38 PM
Nope I was wrong... NY NY
2/26/2004 4:51 PM
Matt H
Re: transformer gurus and historians?
great link, though it doesn't seem to help too much...  
i guess i'm going to have to figure out which posts/pins are the primaries, and hook up a filament transformer to figure out the ratios...  
not the end of the world, but MAN O MAN is this thing confusing...  
all of the connections are on the "base" of the unit (so there'd be a hole in the chassis underneath the unit)  
x stands for the pins, and there is lettering as well  
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