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Ground Voltage maybe?????

2/19/2004 5:22 PM
Brian Ground Voltage maybe?????
Ok, I'm trying to do some recording in my home, and I'm getting a nasty little buzz and picking up radio frequencies when recording using a line output from the bass amp. My guess is that it's caused by a difference in ground voltage, because the bass amp is pluged into a seperate ac circuit across the room, than the ac circuit that the mixer is plugged into. And when i say different circuit, i mean they each run off seperate breakers. And I know that if both the amp and mixer are pluged into the same circuit regardless off what room it's in, then the problem is completely gone. Is there any easy way to elimanate this problem. I know I could just run extention cords from the mixing room, but that would be such a mess of cords on top of all the other mic cords I already have running across the floor. Thanks.
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