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Changing Power Supply of tube amp to 220volts

12/2/2003 9:58 AM
Changing Power Supply of tube amp to 220volts
Hey there guys,  
have a quick question.  
i bought my amp in the US and it runs at 110-120v 60hz for the power.  
is it possible to change it to 220-240v power? or will it totally screw the amp up?  
12/2/2003 11:56 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Ken  
If the powertransformer does have other primary taps then it must be possible , sometimes there's a selector on the back or inside of the amp , sometimes some wires and a fuse need to be altered and sometimes .... it ain't possible ( so you have to use an external step-down-transformer ) .  
What amp do you have ?  
Kindest regards from "the dutch 230 Volts" :)  
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12/2/2003 12:12 PM

i ahve a Crate Blue Voodoo 60 combo amp.  
its 1x12.  
hmm, well the manual didnt mention anything about the power transformer but im hoping its possible coz its my favorite amp  
12/2/2003 12:36 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Ken  
I can understand !  
Don't have experience with your type of amp , hope some fellow Ampagers do know and/or try contacting Crate/St.LouisMusic ( don't know about their customer-service ) .  
12/2/2003 12:48 PM

Ken, I agree with Chris. Rather than try and do an conversion, first contact Crate and see if the offer a dual primary power transformer.  
12/2/2003 3:34 PM
Tom Phillips
The Crate amps sold in the US may or may not have a universal primary power transformer installed. However, the universal primary PTs are available for all the amps and the price for a replacement (if you need it) should be reasonable. When SLM ships a replacement PT they always seem to send one with a universal primary even if the amp was originally shipped with only a 120V primary. The leads all connect with push on connectors and the PCB includes all the lugs needed to configure for the common line voltages. If your PT has only a black and a white primary leads then its 120V only. If it also has blue, brown, gray and violet leads then you have the export transformer with the universal primary and you can configure it for 240V operation. I don't have a Crate Model Name / Model Number cross reference so if you tell me the Blue Voodoo 60 "Model Number" I can probably find a schematic to email you. That will show you how to configure the taps.  
12/2/2003 10:25 PM

hey there tom,  
there isnt a model number listed. just a serial number.  
its a crate blue voodoo 60 combo amp. its 1x12, 60 watts.  
thanks again
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