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non tweed 5E3 ( CMW amps in magezine ! )

11/3/2003 5:33 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
non tweed 5E3 ( CMW amps in magezine ! )
Hi all  
A did email me last sunday about a picture from my BLUEsPAISLEY in a dutch guitarmagezine ( GitaarPlus nov. '03 ) ;  
No hippies were killed while rebuilding that amp :D  
It's based on a 5E3 , harp- and guitar-channel , MasterVolume , EL34s and a pull-clean-function ( soon to be TM/whatever ) . The thingy on top is extra room for the EL34s , was a DOD-DI box ( thanks to Trace Allen ; CMW does recycle everything :) ) .  
David Hollestelle ( on the cover ) is a CMW-customer , he did tell about my work but the interviewer was to sleepy so it wasn't written in the interview/article , bummer !  
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