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Resistors, Yes!

9/30/2003 2:15 AM
Resistors, Yes!
Hey Bro,  
The restors are great. Very quiet! I used one of the 21K's as the as the screen/phase inverter power supply de-coupling resistor, and two of the 8.87k's as the voltage divider for the bias supply on my Plexi. I also put two 464 ohm's in series for each screen supply. I recommend them.  
10/2/2003 9:53 PM

most excellent. i know i like em. and in my tests, they will dissipate 3 watts w out a problem. could probably get 5 watts out of em if ya gooped em up w heatsink compound, and put an aluminum plate underneath em.  
i still have a bunch, if yer interested in a full set. the values can come in handy.  
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9/30/2003 9:30 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: Foot switchable clipper circuit
Hi Bill  
Did you use a cap across the V2A cathode and what resistor-cap/tap did you use ?  
Most of the time my customers and I do get plenty gain/drive with a pretty stock plexi circuit and a post PI mv . With a non bypassed V2A cathode and a 0.0047 bright-cap I do get nice lead-sounds with the volume between 2 and 5 .  
Not to offend you in any way !!!  
10/2/2003 10:21 PM

Hi Chris,  
None taken, Thanx!  
I have discovered that my 335's pick-ups were on the low side. Plugging in a few other guitars brought out a nice sweet grind. In retrospect, this is exactly what I need, as I can always bump it up a notch with a tube screamer, etc., and have a nice fat tone for clean playing. As for layout, it's 1987 except a 100pf instead of the 5000pf on the bright volume. I did have a pre PI master volume, but I didn't like the change in tone so I ditched it. I used a .68uf on V2A, 100K series resistor and 4ohm tap for neg. feedback, 440vdc on the plates, -41v bias for 40ma per tube. I tried 50uf, then 100uf on the plate supply, went back to 50uf as it's a hair looser in tone. The amp made it's debut last night at Sly's in Monterey. It was the Bell of the Ball..  
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