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What Supro is this?

6/5/2003 5:40 PM
John Kelley Brown
What Supro is this?
It must have been about 15 years ago I was at a music store and came across this old Supro amp, it sounded god-like, unfortunately I didn't have the money to buy it at the time. I've played a lot of othe old Supros and they don't have what this one did. Now the quest is on.  
I'll describe it and maybe someone here knows what model it is, once I know that the search will be easier. It's:  
* 1 x 12" combo  
* Knobs facing forward  
* Blue faceplate with big gold lightning bolt logo  
* I'm pretty sure it had 2 x 6L6's but couldn't have been putting out more than 25 to 30 watts.  
* It had reverb  
So, anyone know what this beast was?  
6/5/2003 8:20 PM
John Kelley Brown
Re: What Supro is this? If only date?
Ok, short of identifying which model this is, does anyone know in what years Supros were made using a light blue faceplate with the knobs and faceplate facing forward?  
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6/5/2003 8:21 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: What Supro is this?
Hi John ,  
Just did look at all the Supro , Valco and Gretsch schematics on my hd . There is a Gretsch amp with reverb but it's using 6973 output-tubes ; the model GG6162 Dual Twin Reverb .  
I can email you that schematic if you want .  
6/5/2003 8:29 PM
John Kelley Brown

I don't think this Supro used 6973 output tubes. Plus, In this case I'm not planning to clone it but track it down, buy it, and drag back to the cave this trophy of an old amp. Thanks for the schematic though Chris, and yes, please email it to me at my home email,  
6/6/2003 3:19 PM
Joe King
everything you are describing sounds like a corsica with the exception of the power tubes. or power output.  
The corsica, (If I remeber corectly is model # S6222 has 4- 12ax7 1- 6V6 1- 5y3 reverb and tremolo (One knob trem) the cabinet was pretty tall slightly top heavy, faceplate had light blue lettering with cartoon buble like grephics on a chrome background  
and a gold lightning bolt somewhere in the middle along with a big rectanglar indicator light. and a 12" speaker.  
I hope this is of some help to you.
6/6/2003 8:54 PM
John Kelley Brown

You've got to be Joe King! :D  
Definately the right look but I'm sure it was louder than a 1 x 6V6 amp, louder than a Princeton, and quite sure I saw 2 octal power tube, though it was a long time ago so my memory might be playing tricks on me, and I'm sure it had reverb. Thanks for the reply.  
6/6/2003 9:34 PM

I believe that is the amp too, i got a room full of old tube amps that didn't work,from a pawn shop.  
And this same amp was in the bunch..seemed it had a yellow or amber light,the rest was pretty much as you described.. I think it was a smaller wattage amp. It was an easy fix. but i gave it to a guy that took it to a guitar show..I told him if he could get the 40.00 out of it anything else was his.. That was to get the money back for the room full of old tube  
he said he never made it to the door, and a guy offered him 75.00 for it..and he sold it..  
Here is some HC reviews and some descriptions.  
A pic too here..  
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