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Dr Z schematic..

5/6/2003 5:50 PM
Dr Z schematic..
Anyone have a schematic for a DRZ Carmen Ghia amp ?  
5/6/2003 7:29 PM
Email Mike Z and ask him for one.
5/7/2003 1:10 AM

LOL! I wouldn't do that. Mike Z doesn't give schematic to anyone. He is pretty sensitive about his amps for good reason. His amps are not the usual Fender/Vox/Marshall clones. He really tries different ideas that are of his own trial and error and really makes great amps! I understand his position. Bruce
5/7/2003 5:06 AM
MJ Harnish
I'm with Bruce. I doubt you'll get a schematic out of him. If you're looking to repair a CG, he's more likely to tell you to ship it to him and he'll repair it for free. I took a look inside my CG and it's laid out very nicely; I can't provide a schematic though since I respect Mike's right to earn a living; he's not simply cloning vintage amps. I also think all of his amps are pretty reasonably priced; while you can build one yourself cheaper, you can't do it much cheaper if you want to retain the same build quality.  
5/7/2003 12:25 PM
Glenn Gertis
If your interested in building a similar amp with info and parts readily available check out the 18 Watt lite at Its a little rock monster and I prefer it to the CG because its not as dark sounding. If you like the CG I think you will like the 18 Watt Lite.  
5/7/2003 12:28 PM
MJ Harnish
It always strikes me as funny on how different people perceive tone. I too think the CG is on the dark side of the tonal spectrum (in a good way) while someone just the other day was telling me the CG was too bright; they preferred their 18w Marshall b/c it was darker sounding. :o
5/7/2003 3:15 PM

And if you do clone it at almost the same price, it still won't have anywhere near the resale value of the original.  
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