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Paisley Royal !

4/30/2003 8:17 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Paisley Royal !
Hi all ,  
just did finish my Paisley Royal 15 prototype .  
After trying various preamps for this EL84 pp amp I did install an EF86 pre and it's great . Way more punchy and dynamic then a Spitfire or very early AC15 pre ( imho ! ) . This amp is basicly a combination of a '60 VOX AC15 and a Matchless DC30 channel 2 .  
After trying a 10u cap for the EF86 powersupply ( AC15 does have an 8uF ) I did put in a 22y one ( like Matchless ) and the sound became more solid without sounding sterile , 22uFs for all other nodes .  
Thanks to Ampage for all posted experiences and Dave West from for providing the great 15 Watt OT and choke .  
Chris - my ears hurt - W. :) ( it's loud )
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