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The Meaning of Life

4/27/2003 2:34 PM
Mark Buckingham
The Meaning of Life
Is The Meaning of Life on DVD yet? I can't find it anywhere...
4/27/2003 5:47 AM
rooster Re: Thanks, and let's see if this setup sounds good.
I figure you're probably right about the exact sound being virtually impossible to duplicate unless you can get the exact speakers (!), and cabinet construction (some crappy construction does add particular tones to amps). And, of course, as we all know, the OT has a LOT to do with the sound (anyone how has tried other 18-20W trannies than the Stuckey-Heyboer and then tried the Stuckey-Heyboer can probably attest to that!!--thanks for designing that one, Graydon!)  
However, this is how I see it: back in the day, the blues bands did not play with the solid tones that modern blues bands have; they didn't have the sound reinforcement on the vocals with good Shure (or better) mics, they didn't have the solid pickup quality, amp quality and so on. I know that this sounds like heresy, but I think it's true. I doubt there was a single "juke-joint" player who consistantly got the fat, punchy tones that the subscribers to this website have. Therefore, what I'd be doing is trying to make a harmonica amp that gives the old tone and response (or a good facsimile), but won't get swamped out by someone's homebrew 18-watter or 5E3 that has an Ampeg-driven bassist and a Premier-driven drummer both running with a bit of PA help. I want to try to get that "howl" that the old blues recordings by Junior had, rather than the "harmonica thru a twin reverb" that seems to be more prevalent today. If you think about it, there aren't really too many amps tailored for harp, and this could be a winner, especially if I can come up with a good layout, and if some of you are in blues bands. I'd imagine the cost to build at around $350-500 with a bit of inginuity and scrounging, and one of these days I'd like to be able to post a schematic for something that someone here hasn't already done better.  
Wish me luck, and I'll have something within a coupla months (if my Divorce goes thru OK and without too much hassle).  
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