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Danelectro Commando!! Any info?

4/23/2003 10:42 PM
rooster Danelectro Commando!! Any info?
Had a request last night from a gent in a local blues band to see if I could duplicate a Danelectro Commando. All I've found on it is that it was a head unit with (2) 4x8" speaker cabs, ran (4) 6V6's, and a couple 12AX7's. Does anyone know of an online schematic for this beastie?  
Thanks in advance.  
4/23/2003 10:54 PM
Adam A.

I'd never heard of it before, so I did a google search and found this page:  
While it doesn't have a schematic, it does have a great photo and some tube info -- "5Y3, 4x6V6, 6SJ7, 6SN7 and 2x12AX7s", it says.. The beast was hinged and opened up like a suitcase! Very funky.
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4/23/2003 10:56 PM
Adam A.

OK, finding that picture got me interested -- here's some more info I found, a scan of a catalog page. Here's what it said:  
"This amplifier employs the multi-speaker principle. Dual cabinet has four 8" speakers in each section, for a total of 8 speakers. The combined effect of all speakers operating in unison produces a more powerful tone with greater clarity than conventional amplifiers. A two tube preamplifier is built into the control panel. Total number of tubes: ?. Watts output: 30. Two independent input channels, each with 3 inputs and its own set of controls for volume, bass, treble. Cabinet halves separate easily to permit remote speaker operation. 25' of speaker cable included [emphasis mine --A]. Electronic vibrato with two controls. Remote vibrato cable included. 22" wide x 22" high x 10" deep when closed. 38 lbs."
Yowza, baby! I bet it sounds really cool.
4/23/2003 10:58 PM
Hopefully, someone will have a schematic for this, or maybe 2nite I'll e-mail the "" site. Since this amp dates back to the '50's, they may be the people.  
4/24/2003 3:22 AM
John Martin

I have a Commando in my restoration queue. Its been over a year since I looked inside, but what appears to be the same amp is listed in THE TUBE AMP BOOK, 4th edition, page 664. Shown as "Wards Airline Model GDR-8518A. Many of those Danelectro circuits are very clever in their economic use of components. One thing I remember was that the brand of 6SN7 made a difference.  
4/24/2003 7:01 PM
rooster Thanks for the help! Any others?
Thanks to these kind replies, it looks like I can get the schematic from the Wards Airline GDR-8518A. So, I'll probably be buying the "Tube amp book vol. 4" this weekend for the schematic.  
Unless anyone else knows where it may be posted?...  
4/25/2003 5:29 AM
Steve A.

    Hey I scanned it for you:  
    Kinda interesting how the 12AX7 filaments are powered by the cathodes of the 6V6's... ;)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Here's a request: I used to have a Dano piggyback amp- the amp head could be tucked away in the bottom of the speaker cab which had three 8 inch speakers. I bought the amp used for Christmas 1968 and it had reverb and tremelo (the reverb control was independent of the volume control so you could get a 100% wet signal going to the power amp (which was something like 30 or 40 watts IIRC). Just getting the model name and/or number for this amp would be cool; getting a schematic for it would be even better. Thanks!
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