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Dilemma:Phoenix Guitar Show or New York Guitar shops

4/23/2003 12:10 PM
PeteRH Dilemma:Phoenix Guitar Show or New York Guitar shops
Hi guys,  
I fly in to LAX from Oz this Friday afternoon and have to be in NY by Monday morning.....basically have the weekend free.  
I would love to sitesee NY (and visit a few guitar shops while i'm at it) but am tempted by the Phoenix Guitar Show which is on Sat. I have seen phoenix but never NY.  
Has anyone been to the Phoenix Guitar show (or similar) before? Are these shows full of boutique and vintage amps or just guitars? How do the prices compare with Ebay?  
Are guitar shops open on Sundays in NY?  
Thanks for any advice.  
ps. Sorry about the lack of amp content but you guys have not steered me wrong before!!!! Thanks again.
4/23/2003 12:42 PM
Lee M.

How many old guitars have you seen in your life? How many chances will you have to see the Empire State bldg, the Statue of Liberty, St. Pat's, Central Park, etc.  
It's a no brainer, imo. Most guitar shows I've been too are 90% guitars, 10% amps, all overpriced (think Ebay winning bids) though negotiation is always possible.  
I suspect most of the smaller shops in NYC would be closed Sunday. Entrepreneurs need a day off also.  
Good luck, mate.  
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4/23/2003 1:04 PM
josh camp

pete, im in NYC a lot - i live on long island about 30mins from the heart of NYC... it is, easily, the best city in the world, hands down. the guitar shops are numerous and cool. most are open on sunday. particularly great is 30th street guitars - look it up on the web! also, for boutique amps and vintage, check out Rudys music stop ! 48th street is full of music stores.. if this will be your first time, i would definitely check out NYC over the phoenix guitar show.  
4/23/2003 2:41 PM

Don't forget to try a Sabrette's hot-dog w/ the onion-sauce type topping when you're in NYC. I lived in AZ for a long time, and I can assure you that Phoenix will still be there for you in the future! Besides, if you're into hiking, climb the Superstitions Mtns. when you're in Phoenix (Apache Jct. actually) and you'll love it! Phx is an hr. flight from LAX, so you can do that hike anytime. Check out Axis-Radius in Scottsdale if you're into some dancing in an up-scale club... I ramble so...
4/23/2003 4:44 PM
As a Phoenix resident, I can tell you this much: the Phoenix music dealers are a surely crowd, prices are inflated, and you'll see the same-old-stuff. I'd never live in NYC, but I'd imagine that NYC's "soup nazis" are more polite and customer oriented than our music dealers.  
4/23/2003 8:21 PM
PeteRH Thanks.....NYC it is.
Thanks for the replies guys. My heart said NYC but the invite to what would have been my first Guitar Show (with accommodation and someone to show me round) had me thinking.  
Best regards  
5/2/2003 3:33 AM
PeteRH NYC report
I went straight to NYC and i'm glad I did!!  
I like Phoenix too.... but I have seen it before and NY was just a buzz.  
I'm glad 30th street guitars was mentioned. It was THE shop. More stuff in this shop "that interested me" than all off the others put together.  
Mannys and Sam Ash weren't my cup of tea. Rudys and the place across the road (42 st guitars maybe?) were pretty cool but 30th street had more vintage and real amps than them all.  
A day and a half leisure time is not enough time to eat my fill but I sure got a taste for the place. Got in a broadway show, hotdogs, pizzas, empire state, helicopter tour, bagels, ground zero (words can not descibe the feeling when you are there), the church, lots of cabs plus heaps of things. Next time it will be at my leisure.  
thanks NYC  
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