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Mod to my '73 superlead

4/16/2003 7:18 AM
Mod to my '73 superlead
I would like to add the THD reactive rectifier  
or weber copper cap to my marshall head.  
Currently it has a diode, not tubes, so I will  
need to go with the box. It is PCB, but handwired to all of the components not part of the board. It's a great design. Is there a way I can mount  
the box in an already drilled hole, such as where the circuit board is located or somewhere else? The amp may soon go up in value, and I don't want to butcher it, but I really do believe the mod will make the amp better, and it is really cheap to perform. Also, what is more highly recommended, THD's or Weber's?  
Thanks a lot  
Jon Vinea
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