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Eminence V12 speaker your thoughts?

4/1/2003 3:47 AM
SLObrain Eminence V12 speaker your thoughts?
Well I just purchase one of these Eminence V12 speakers that are the Eminence version of a Celestion vintage 30 and Im not sure if I like it or not. Seems to have that speaker cry every one talks about.  
It does have that vintage sorta marshall sound but a bit mid honkin. Good for playing KISS songs :)  
Any one use these??? What are your thoughts on the sounds
4/1/2003 4:20 PM
I put one in a homemade closed-back 2x12 but the other speaker is not a V12 (it's actually one of the Carvin British Series speakers that were made by Eminence). I have cranked my 50-watt Plexi through this cab and haven't noticed any cone cry. I ended up selling several Webers that I had tried because I couldn't stand the cone cry (even though they sounded great otherwise).  
I agree that it is a bit "honky" in the mids which is why I paired it with a speaker that has good bass but not excessive/extended highs. I'm a big fan of mixing speakers but maybe that's because I can never seem to find ONE speaker that I really love.  
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4/1/2003 6:27 PM

Mixing speakers is the bomb! No question about it! They seem to cover for each other's inefficiencies & make a better sounding cabinet.  
Is the V12 the Eminence version of the EH-VR8(or16) which is made by Eminence & re-labelled for EH. If so it's the old Eminence BR8 &, although I thought it was modeled after the vintage 30, Bruce Collins said he thought they were modeled after the greenbacks instead.  
If he's correct, & they have that sound, you could save some bucks going with the EH.  
4/1/2003 8:39 PM
P.M., I thought it was modeled after the vintage 30, Bruce Collins said he thought they were modeled after the greenbacks instead.  
I think the Eminence V12 legend is modeled after the greenback as it sounds more like the vintage 25 watt greenback as opposed to a vintage 30.  
The V12 has a mid honk only similar to the greenback so I think there has to be a another  
eminence that should be the vintage 30 style and not the V12. But I wonder which it would really be?  
4/1/2003 10:38 PM
I have a pair of v12 and vintage 30's and I don't think they sound anything alike. The v12 had more bass and less character while the vintage 30's are a little more honky in the mids. Also, the v12's don't breakup the same. I think the v12 is supposed to be a version of the vintage 30, and the gb12 is a version of the greenback, but i've heard that the gb12 and greenback really don't sound alike either. Eminence speakers don't sound bad, but they are not a cheaper version of a celestion.
4/7/2003 6:00 PM
Well I do have an 8 ohm celestion silver series 60 watter that I might try to pair it with to see if it sounds better. on the V12 the mids are smooth but the bass is kinda flubby. I wonder if breaking it in will cure the flubby bass?  
I haven't bought a new speaker in years and this was the first so Ive kinda forgot about the breakin period :D  
4/2/2003 3:48 AM
The only Celestion speaker I ever used that I didn't like was the Vintage 30. Just doesn't sound as good as a greenback to me. Maybe your Eminence is a good repro of the 30, but maybe the 30's tone is the problem. On the other hand, many people love and buy 'em.  
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