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FC2 vs FD2

12/30/2002 1:31 PM
Joe D
FC2 vs FD2
A few years ago I built a Fullclone 2. It was my first attempt at builing a pedal & it came out suprisingly well. It has been my workhorse.  
Never laid my hands on the realdeal untill yesterday. A friend got one of the custom ones for CHRISTmas.  
WOW! Only got to play with it for a few minutes, but, I really like what I heard.  
It seemed a lot clearer/crisper than the clone & the boost was less muddy. I tried it in all 3 positions (flat mids, comp cut, & vintage).  
So, is it time to do some tweaks, & if so where do I start?  
Or just forget it & scour e-bay?  
12/31/2002 5:37 AM
Ima Kidding
I've always liked the FD2 better than the clones, and really, aren't all OD's with a "Boost" really FD2 clones when it comes right down to it?  
My Gawd....Banzai, Dualtone, Tonepump,New Rising Sun, etc etc etc.
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12/31/2002 11:08 AM
Joe D

Yeah, looks like I'm gonna just get one.  
The deal was back when I built it-  
A- I wanted to learn & the challenge thing.  
B- Not a Fulltone product to be found anywhere around here. Nothing! Couldn't justify the 'gamble'.  
It's not like I live in the sticks. I'm in Philly! The 3rd (maybe 4th)largest city in the USA. All you can find around here is Boss, DOD, Dunlop, Dano etc. Generic stuff at every store.
1/10/2003 9:40 PM
U.R. Kidding
****aren't all OD's with a "Boost" really FD2 clones****  
aren't all fulltone products really clones when it comes right down to it?  
have a nice day, etc etc etc.
1/13/2003 1:07 AM
Heeza Jellus

(titter titter, yuck yuck)
3/1/2003 5:35 AM
hey Joe!!. There are schem from fulltones posted right now. But if you want to know...the comp is made by lifting the diodes. The flat mids can be achieved by playing with the cap and resitor in the feedback loop. And if you really want a crispy/crystal tone, change the tantalum caps to mylar or metal, the tiny ones and play with the 1k resitor after stage 1. The caps make a really improvement just for themselves. Let me know what you find.
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