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11/20/2002 5:48 PM
Anyone have mods for this pedal ?  
Suggestions ?  
12/5/2002 1:38 AM
Ben N

In particular, can anyone suggest a way to fix the decay, which is kind of unnatural, a bit abrupt? Does the Guv'nor do this too?  
And, does anyone know how well this pedal takes higher voltages?  
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12/9/2002 1:44 AM
Boy Howdy
I replaced the two LED's with 5 Radio Shack Germanums. This took care of that awful torn speaker sounding decay. I just did a comparison between an unmodded unit and mine last weekend. I prefer mine. The stock unit has a good bit more bottom, but I think mine sounds more natural (less scooped). I think the germaniums sound better for lead, whereas some would prefer the LED's for rythym. I'm sure there's a cap in there somewhere that could get me more bottom, but it sounds fine as is, and I frankly don't use the thing since I got my Nady tube pedals. No comparison, I'm afraid. Can't hold a candle, as it were.
12/20/2002 7:29 AM
Ben N

Thanks, Boy  
I have a number of pedals the Daddy-O is not quite on a par with, but it is a question of board real estate. The Dano just covers more sonic territory (especially when combined with other pedals), if not quite as well, so it effectively replaced three pedals, each of which does its own thing better. Which is why I don't want to do anything that will rob it of bass, since one of those pedals was a Tube Driver with oodles of bottom.  
Maybe an assymetric diode arrangement using disparate types would help?  
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