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Help! Vox wah sounds bad when using distortion.

10/20/2002 10:44 PM
Help! Vox wah sounds bad when using distortion.
I like the sound of the reissue Vox wah-wah when in clean mode but the pedal doesn't work as well when using distortion/OD/fuzz. I found this website that has wah pedal mods and I was wondering which mod would excel at high gain situations, but would you lose that great clean wah-wah tone as a trade-off in the process?
10/24/2002 4:44 PM

A simplier way to resolve your problem without Modding your wha is changing the stomp box order:  
Try different stomp disposition first before distortion\od\fuzz pedals and then after.  
I have resolved the same problem with the VOX wha RE putting the stomps in this order:  
1 guitar  
2 Overdrive (a Boss SD1)  
3 Wha (vox RE)  
4-5 Distortion and Fuzz ( MXR D+ , EH Little BIg Muff)  
6 other stuff  
7 amp  
Sometimes I also use the wha after the dist and mod stomps, just before the delay and amps.  
Try !It won't cost you a penny!!
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