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Needing to mod my SD-1/808 to have more bass

9/27/2002 8:09 PM
Needing to mod my SD-1/808 to have more bass
I've already modded my SD-1 to TS808 specs but now I'm want to add MORE bass,what do I have to do ? ~Thanks
10/10/2002 4:39 PM
I recently put a .15 cap in place of the .047 cap in the Jekyll-side of my Jekyll & Hyde (which is supposed to emulate a TS-808). When I traced the circuit, it looked very, very close to a TS except the 4.7k input resistor and .047 input cap were in reverse order (they are in series). This is explained in an article I read called "Flat Response for Tube Screamers" or words to that effect (can't remember where I saw the article, try the usual stompbox sites). But it made a very noticeable difference. It's not so honky, middy, and grainy. It also noticeably increased the drive (which you may not want). Big improvement to an already decent sounding box. Now I just gotta figure out how to reduce the bass boost on the Hyde-side a tad.  
PS - I'm not sure if the cap TYPE makes a difference here. I bought my .15 cap at an electronics surplus store and it looks like a chrome cc resistor (about 1/2 watt size) and no telling how old it is.  
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10/31/2002 10:13 PM
Ben N

Check out Plate to Plate (link at Aron's site, maybe here too). He has a mod that flattens out the frequency response as you lower the gain, so that as a booster, it isn't tinny anymore, but it still has the midrange hump when used as an overdrive.
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