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1/6/2003 4:29 AM
I just got mine done and it is the most incredible pedal. Anyone else build one of these? I need to let a little more bass through any suggestions?  
1/6/2003 5:00 AM

Get yourself a traynor mark3 head I hear they have alot of bass :)hehehehe or you could build a Big muff HO!. Check out my photoessay on tonepad.  
Man it's fun to throw a dig at a band member online as well as in person  
Rock on John  
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1/6/2003 2:15 PM
tried changing the cap that goes from gate to drain in the fets, raising its value, raises the bass response. Also, changing the coupling cap going out from there, helps a little. Think of it as a tube preamp. I also build it, and i like it, but i'm actually using it as a preamp qith a cabinet emulator, to record things direct to my pc. With the marshall speaker emulator, it's a killer sound. I also modded it to have a clean sound, and the origianl one, with a couple of switches.
1/6/2003 11:33 PM

Hahah, i've got an old Traynor MarkIII combo!  
I implore you, unless you have the strength of ten men, do not buy one! It's the heaviest thing i've ever seen, seriously, it's heavier than my Fiesta! ERmm, actually, maybe not!  
To be honest with you though, i can't say much about it's bass response, since i haven't heard it yet (had it since july!). Being a (VERY) poor student i can't afford the re-valve, so if anyone in the UK wants it (needs a full set of valves) let me know!  
Also, does anyone know what Reverb pan it should use? It doesn't have one at the moment, so any ideas on it's value? (Interior's V. Good, hand wired, exterior a little tatty).  
This should really be in another forum i know, but hey!  
1/7/2003 1:48 AM

Heavier than Peavey?!? I swear those things must be made of cement. Just the thought of my old 1x18"-2x10" cab brings on another hernia... but I digress..
1/20/2003 5:43 PM
A Colman

Then try the Traynor Custom Special and see the workout that puts you through.  
1/7/2003 3:31 PM

Hi there,  
I also built it , two of them actually with different caps; one with ceramic caps and another with styroflex and they make a huge difference, the one with styroflexes had a tighter sound, but I LIKE THEM BOTH very much. I tried to get a cleaner sound from it but never succeeded so my question is how did you manage to calm it down ?  
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