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I need a good fuzz pedal

12/7/2002 11:26 PM
sk8rgirl I need a good fuzz pedal
I wanna build a good sounding fuzz pedal...can someone point me in the right direction....thanks...:)
12/7/2002 11:57 PM
Sean K

I ain't even heard 'em yet but I've built the big muff on tonepads site and am going to do a bunch of the classic fuzzface style circuit which is very zeny in its simplicity.  
And Mr Steve Daniels has got all those hard to find parts and a bunch of very cool projects to work your way through
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12/8/2002 10:32 PM
Mark Hammer
What do you want it to sound like, how many different jobs does it need to do, and what kind of technical capabilities and resources do you bring to the table? I wouldn't want to recommend something too complicated or expensive/awkward to make (e.g., if it needed a meter for matching/selecting components and you don't have one), something that doesn't allow you to dial in a wide enough range of tones, or something that aims for a sound that does not suit your goals or preferred sound.  
Answer these questions and that will help us to point you where you want to go.
12/9/2002 12:50 AM
My vote is for the classic fuzzface with the Mike Fuller mods added. Basically mike's '69.  
12/9/2002 3:11 AM
I want something measuring, easy to build, readily available parts...that sounds 1/2 decent.
12/9/2002 8:59 AM
Sean K

I think this ones a good start as it comes as a complete kit with pdf files to follow as you work through it.  
and its only 35.00 + postage.  
Might be cheaper in the long run to do it this way than source all the parts yourself and then have to work it all out as well which isn't necessarily a bad thing though.Tonepad also sells readymade PCB's so that place is worth a good look.  
But really if I was you I'd go for a matched set of germanium transistors from small bear,with resistor values included,and get some perf board and build the classic fuzzface which is a really simple circuit.Sorta like the model T of effects pedals and if you go to Geofex,linked in the right column when you first get here,and find the technology of fuzz pedals you'll get a whole bunch of info and a few mods including the one mentioned above.
12/9/2002 5:48 PM
Mark Hammer
You should be able to walk into any Radio Shack oin the world and buy all the parts you need for an MXR Distortion+ clone. There is no measurement involved, very little that's critical, and although not particular cup of tea the sound is meat-and-potatoes enough for most folks.  
This particular pedal is also VERY amenable to modification, so if you go to build it, make it on a piece of perfboard with lots of room between components for changing things. Make sure you also use a socket for the IC so that you can experiment with changing chips.
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