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DIY Spring reverb. This is so cool!!

9/22/2002 5:43 AM
kluson guy DIY Spring reverb. This is so cool!!
Check this out!
9/22/2002 12:42 PM
Now that's one I may actually try.  
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9/22/2002 12:46 PM
Eric H.

lost my cookie.
9/22/2002 4:16 PM
Extremely cool.
9/23/2002 4:19 AM
Mark Hammer

I did a similar thing with a smaller spring I got from Home Depot and smaller speakers. The glueing part is the hardest part.  
Since the speaker cones of that type/size of speaker is usually paper and not terribly stiff, they are tricky to cut (you need to remove as much of the cone as you can so that you hear the spring and not the speaker signal). I've had luck by painting on some diluted white glue onto the cone. When it dried the speaker cone was nice and stiff and very easy to cut with a utility/Xacto knife.
9/23/2002 7:03 AM
kluson guy Well...How did it sound?
Thanks for the tips Mark.  
How did yours sound?  
Did you listen to the mp3's at Jockes? (Damn, what a manly name!)I was really impressed.  
I like experimental effects, it sounded to me like some great sonic stuff was going on in the slinky coils.  
Slinky 'verb, even the name sounds cool!  
Pardon my enthusiasm, I never had a Slinky as a kid.
9/23/2002 9:30 PM
Mark Hammer
Shameful confession...never plugged it in. All I did was set it up and monitor the output on a scope to verify that it would work. Sadly, bench projects are probably off the slate until late December or so. Ask me then.
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