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Re: "SQ tube" ?

2/21/2001 2:41 AM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: "SQ tube" ?
Thought I saw this on some tubes I had, and I found two with the "SQ" marking. Okay, right below the "SQ", it says (drum roll please) "SPECIAL QUALITY". One tube is a Philips Miniwatt E810F/7788, and the other is an E180F/6688 (also a Philips Miniwatt). Both have gold plated pins. My guess is that a bunch of E180F/6688s are being used. Don't know much about these tubes. I think some audiophiles like them.  
Dai Hirokawa
2/21/2001 6:10 PM
Ben S
Hey Greywater, check this out re e180f/6688
I just got back from the TDSL (Great BTW) and the e180f is a pentode listed for UHF, NOT audio. This is an application Greywater and I have discussed at length recently(how's the radiator btw). Using tubes designed for higher than audio frequecies in the audio range. Some of these tubes have incredible tolerances and some are mil spec for ruggedness.... Sounds like the supplies are good to. Looks like someone used an idea I had (tube mixer) and GW's and made one monster tube mixer..... You could probably sel these to three or four recording studios and retire. Man you would need some great BIG cooling fans for all that heat. Wonder if you could then convert some of that heat back to usable elctricity.... Sorry, bigtime tangent.  
somebody probably found a huge stock of mil surplus tubes and sought out an application for them.  
How much juice do you need to power this thing?? And how many tubes again, times how much current each for the heaters??? What a power supply... I didn't get to look over the site too much but I am gonna go back and look up the power supplies. Gotta be impressive...  
We all should really look into HF tubes and see how they sound in audio apps. Could be a gold mine out there in cheap NOS quality tubes waiting to be had for cheap... Think on it..  
OH, BTW GW, My co-workers wanted to know what the hell was so funny when I read your post. Glad I waited 'til lunch or I woulda gotten introuble for goofing off 'cause there was NO way to contain the explosion of laughter that it produced, Doh! Here comes the boss!!  
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2/21/2001 6:21 PM

IIRC 5751's have been available for at least a few years from New Sensor by the hundreds, in their latest catalog there appear to be no more box quantities now  
2/21/2001 8:18 PM

Hey Ben,  
You left as I packed up - lessee, was about 10:30, right? Anyway, fired the truck up and there is one pin prick sized hole in the top, front seam. I should be able to drain about 3 inches of coolant and then solder the hole with the radiator in place - probably this evening.  
Have you played with your "uber" bias supply yet?
2/21/2001 7:25 PM
Re: "SQ tube" ?
Hey Ray,  
Yeah, I did deduce what the writer was talking about despite the strange verbage and the "points" were valid from an electronics standpoint. Still, the translation was probably done using a computer progam and not by a human - anyone somewhat fluent in English, even w/o an electronics backgound, would have detected something amiss with the idiom - poisoning is idiomatic, "toxicating" is not. Is this picky? Probably, but somehow I wouldn't want to invest this amount of money in a product where the manufacturer wasn't willing to have the converted text proof read!  
But I don't blame it all on the conversion software.  
A quick review of any hi-fi magazine finds bullshit to be as well developed as the products that the BS describes. Marketers should be branded (hot iron) with the terms they develop. One that both amuses and annoys at the same time is "mono block." Say what? A mono tube amp is correct but it doesn't have the solid, massive ring as the "block" does. I avoid this language mangling as much as I can and you've probably been amused (and perhaps annoyed) at my periodic attempts to inject "standard" electronics terminology into the Ampage "family's" discussions.  
Q. What do you call an amplifier made from one Lego?  
2/21/2001 9:15 PM
Ray Ivers

Re your deductions - I figured you did, just felt the need to babble. I don't know about the weird language uses, though; ever since my Brazilian girlfriend came up with "feel the smell", I've encouraged her to mangle the language as much as possible. :)  
Seriously - it's a great idea to use standard terms. The only thing is, in some cases the mangled terms have become the new de facto standard. I mean, if I tell someone an amp has 'a narrow-band boost centered around 8 kHz', will it have any meaning at all? - maybe not. On the other hand, I have yet to have a customer who didn't nod their head at the word 'chime' when I used it. What's a fella to do?  
A. Blockhead.  
2/22/2001 12:11 AM
its all very spectacular and an amazing piece of equipment but at the end of the day 99.9% people are going to be listening to whatever u record through something worth less than £200 so a lot of the extra qualites given by tubes will be and only half of the others will be able to hear the difference anyway :)
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