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Buying strings online

2/11/2001 12:29 PM
Buying strings online
I'm in an area that's under-served by music stores and I'm really sick of the store choices I have now. Is there a good place to buy guitar strings online, with good prices, selection and reasonably quick service? Thanks.  
2/11/2001 4:20 PM
Barney Rubble

I've purchased thousands of strings here. They meet all of your criteria. Always buy the 'environmental packs' that are sealed in their bag. They buy in bulk and I've found that the strings in paper packages tend to tarnish. Way satisfied. (No, I'm not a tree hugger). :D  

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2/11/2001 4:26 PM
Never used them myself but a lot of people seem to like 'em.  
Another is They don't sell all the major brands or anything. They have their own packaged stuff and I've used the electrics as well as the acoustics and have been really happy with them. I change my strings a lot so the cheaper the better. Their service is really good and quick.
2/11/2001 9:19 PM
Steve A.
Quick survey:what kind of strings are you using and why?
    I've been using DR Pure Blues for several years, I guess mainly because they are supposed to have more metal than the other brands.  
    Any preference for the type of alloys used and for what guitars in particular?  
Steve Ahola
2/11/2001 11:51 PM
Bob C.

I have been using D'Addario EXL 10-52 for my electrics and Martin Marquis 11-52 or 54 on my acoustic for years. To my ears they are very consistent in tone and intonation. I have tried many others and always go back to those. However my hands and tendons have been acting up so I just bought 2 sets of Elixers (just wanted to try them)9-42 for the electric and 10-46 for the acoustic. I'll let you know how I like them once I put them on. I buy my strings local.  
Bob C.
2/12/2001 1:20 AM

I still use GHS Boomers (10-46) on the electrics.. I try other stuff but always come back.. I just like the compromise between tension & tone etc.. they intonate well and you can buy them anywhere.  
I use Martin strings on the Acoustics, usually phosphor bronze on the 12str for that extra sparkle.
2/12/2001 2:59 AM

Im using Pyramids these days. My all time fave strings were Scalars (the original ones). Out of production, great strings.  
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