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Am I jerk for not loaning my new amp?

1/30/2001 4:12 AM
adam Am I jerk for not loaning my new amp?
Okay, this isn't a technical question, but it's an important one, IMO... I recently sunk a lot of money (okay, $1100 Canadian may not seem like a lot of money, but to me it's a big chunk) into purchasing a new tube amplifier. Needless to say, it's very precious to me, and this sentiment is only augmented by the novelty it's newness presents. Anyways, a buddy of mine wants to borrow it for an upcoming show, and I told him "no". He freaked out and called me "weird" for being so strangely protective of it.  
Now I feel bad, because on one hand I can see his side of it, and I know it seems stupid to be so posessive of it, when I know nothing will probably happen to it (plus, my band is headlining that night, so it's not like I won't be there). But on the other, I just spent a good month's wage (or better) on an amplifier I hope to have for the rest of my life, y'know? My last amp (a shitty solid state) I used to loan out all the time, until one day it died... leaving me in the recent position to have to buy a new one. Anyway, I fell guilty for being so obsessive, because my buddy totally thought I was being weird and freaky. Am I? I'd love to hear your opinions on this....... thanks
1/30/2001 4:46 AM
Don Symes

Umm, well, yeah that wasn't ideal - seeing as you would have been right there.  
Still, I understand. I'd probably have done the same - until the new wears off.
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1/30/2001 10:25 AM

Does he have a cute girlfriend or wife?  
I normally work on the principle that I don't mind letting someone use my gear, as long as they don't mind me borrowing their partner. Of course I'm joking, but people generally get the idea that my gear is important to me, and is for my own use in all but very exceptional circumstances.  
You are not being weird. It's your amp. If you don't want to lend it that's your perogative.  
1/30/2001 10:33 AM

How close of a friend is he? Is he in a jam and needs an amp? I had a similar situation but it was a close friend so I let him borrow it. Friends last for life, hopefully. My amps are sacred to me also, but they can be fixed.  
Good luck, it is a tough call, Jered
1/30/2001 2:18 PM

Sometimes it is a hard thing to decide. I do repairs,and have played for years. So I know how it is to need an amp sometimes. I have loaned out my amps for friends for recordings. But I have a couple things that i won't loan. They are irreplaceable. I also know that some people will take care of your stuff,and others just abuse it. So you have to know who you can loan something out to. If you were going to be there with the amp,it should be ok. I have had to borrow things before,and sometimes it comes back to ya. One day your new amp may have some problems,And you may need to borrow an amp for a show.So keep that in mind.Just my thoughts.  
1/30/2001 2:54 PM
I know how you feel. I once had a brown face bassman that I lent to a friend. Came back with both speakers blown. Had it checked out, replaced the speakers three times because it kept on burning voice coils. Repairman never could find the problem. Finnally traded it in on a solid state and awfull amp I did not keep long.  
Anyone have any idea what the problem could have been? Wish I had kept the bassman:(
1/30/2001 3:15 PM
Steve Slick

No, you're not being a jerk. Sometimes you just have to piss somebody off. I wouldn't loan an $1,100 amp to my own brother. [That's not a good comparison though; he trashed my '57 Les Paul in shop while I was in college].  
If he's really a good friend he'll get over it. You get over it whether he does or not.  
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