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Any info on AIMS Amps?

1/5/2001 7:50 PM
Steve from FATBOY
Any info on AIMS Amps?
I currently own a 150 watt(?) AIMS combo with six 8" speakers. (A friend owns an identical twin to it.) Neither of us has been able to find much info such as rarity, appraisal, etc.  
I was told they were built by the Arizona Music Company in the mid - late 60's, but the company is long gone.  
Any info appreciated. (You should hear the tone -ABSOLUTELY no distortion under any circumstance!)
1/5/2001 10:16 PM
Glen H.
Check out the reviews at HC:  
These reviews are somewhat limited, but it may be a place to start...
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1/5/2001 11:20 PM

JUST as a source of info,my old singer/rhythm player used an Aims head. The bass player & myself thought it sounded really crappy. He played an SG.
1/6/2001 12:47 AM

I worked on an AIMS this summer that had two 12inch speakers, about like a Fender Twin I would guess they were trying to compete with, I remember it did not have a model number, it was labeled something like *Personalized Guitar Sound System* :)  
The owner only paid $120 for it and it was real clean and worked good when he got it last year. I'm glad it was a simple repair since no schematic was found, plus it would be hard to modify, especially since the preamp tubes are inside the chassis on a PC board without even any holes punched in the chassis.  
Anyway, Steve, good to see your message, what kind of FATBOY are you from? Is that the name of a music store?  
Best Regards,  
1/6/2001 10:41 AM

That's the same combo I saw for $175. Like I said, don't know what someone actually ended up paying for it.  
1/8/2001 1:01 PM
Steve from FATBOY
Sorry, the reference is the name of our cuurent band. (Soon to change- later found the "Fatboy- Slim URL on the net)
1/8/2001 1:04 PM
Steve from FATBOY
Thanks, I had seen that thread last week. I've not seen the 2-12 combo before, but assume it was issued after the combo that I have which is 6 - 8" speakers in a 4'-6"H x 2'-10"W x 10"D cabinet. Pretty much the same features though.
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