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EMG unwire

2/14/2001 4:24 PM
J. Brown
EMG unwire
I just picked up a great old Schecter strat  
that fits my unique requirements for strat-style  
guitars: mahogany body and stop tailpiece. But  
it as three single coil EMGS in it. I need to  
remove those an replace them with a bridge  
bucker and neck passive single coil. I have  
installed and removed normal single coils before  
what will different about removing three active  
single coils?  
J. Brown
2/14/2001 6:37 PM
David Warren

If I understand your question correctly, I can tell you that you will basically have to scrap all the controls (pots), except for the five-way selector switch, assuming a five-way is part of the wiring harness. The active EMG's use 25K-Ohm potentiometers. Most passive Strat pickups use 250K pots, or 500K if they are humbucking types. Some use 500K or 1 Meg pots anyway to get a brighter high-end response. Which value you need will depend on your choice of pickups. The wiring of the guitar is also a personal choice. There are links at this web site which list different Strat wiring schematics for passive pickups.
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2/14/2001 7:54 PM

If your guitar has a snap connector for a 9-volt battery, then it's safe to assume you have the low impedance active pickups and lower resistance pots described above.  
EMG did produce a lower grade high impedance passive pickup (I think they are named "Select") that require no battery and use the regular 250k pots associated with most single coil pickups.  
I just wanted to make this clarification. In case you have the Select style pickups, you would only change out the 3 pickups, not the pots or switch wiring.
2/14/2001 9:56 PM

Some of those Select pickup uses the 9v battery snap also... at leats I saw some with it and my Hohner steinberger licensed has select with battery in it.  
On the subject of what was asked...  
I'd check at for a great wiring that you'd like and start from scratch... teh descriptions there are great and illustrated.
2/14/2001 11:12 PM
J. Brown
Thanks for the informative replies everyone!  
This is a great site.  
Hopefully I can sweeten the deal on this  
particular git by just letting the storeowner  
keep the EMGs (he thought they were Lace  
Senors eyes must be going bad)and having a blank  
body to work with. Torn between putting in a SD  
single-coil sized HB or just routing it for  
bridge bucker...leaning toward the latter there  
is something about the full size humbucker that  
the stacked ones just don't quite capture.  
J. Brown
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