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Re: refin of a tele body

9/12/2000 7:16 PM
Ohio > we still rock
Re: refin of a tele body
Hal. hey, I actually just decided I hated the color of a LP guitar [copy albeit] I have, so I went to the hardware store, bought a mild stripper, and some various grades of sandpaper and went right for it.  
What I did was strip the hard ware, electronics, plastic everything off of the body - you just want the wood. I coated my stripper on there and ... blah blah ... after about a half an hour of letting the stripper do its thing, I used a plastic putty knife and scraped the pain and reside off of the body. Not all of it came of So I had to sand it, which is good any way. After two days work I had a fresh piece of grabbed the stain and went to it.  
The hardest part is the wait, after staining it, it's gotta harden, etc... it's been two weeks now. If you're gonna paint it I suggest using a white primer, so the pain will stick better.  
Now, I'm not sure if I did this the best way, but it worked and it looks nice, I should post some pictures. If you re-finished antiques and stuff this should be easy, I found the process worth doing and I don't believe you'll mess the guitar up at all.  
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