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Re: High voltage - is it a problem?

2/23/2001 12:20 PM
Re: High voltage - is it a problem?
I have a Jansen Bass 75.  
The circuit said it had 7027A's in it new but it's running a pair of 6L6GC's now.  
I has 650V on the plates & 450 on the screens.  
It was idling at 18Watts.  
I have installed a Bias pot to trim it a bit but it sounds best above a 15Watt idle.  
I asked every one about this & I got stacks of replies, mostly against.  
Ned Carlson of Triode Electronics said it would be fine so long as I didn't drive it too hard.  
So far he's been right.  
Catchya, Cliff.
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