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Re: Mogami use

2/16/2001 3:34 PM
Re: Mogami use
Hey all;  
I've tried a mess of different sheilded cable and to be honest I don't hear the difference, as long as the cable is not cheesy that is (ha, ha). It all sounds the same to me.  
I can see Mogami being used in pro recording studios where you need to retain certain frequencies (IE: 20-30hz or 12-16K) It makes good sense (I've worked in studios for years). I understand the need for sheiled cable in certain sections of amps, especially high gain amps. It certainly helps to keep high gain amps dead quite (hiss sold seperately--ha, ha).  
That's just my take on it all. I'm not saying it's wrong by any means! I've wired studios before (lord I hate that--ha, ha) and dealing with super fine wire is not a lot of fun. It does break easy (in my experience that is) but in studios it doesn't much matter because most likely it'll never move again.  
Flame away! (ha, ha...just kidding)  
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