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Re: What's Your Favorite El-84 Amp/Guitar Combination?

2/16/2001 1:19 PM
Stan Re: What's Your Favorite El-84 Amp/Guitar Combination?
I get a pretty decent sound from a strat thru a Crate VC-30 (4 Sovtek El-84s), only the clean channel though, it sings and chimes when you kick it past 2 and is plenty loud. I never thought I'd be extolling the virtues of a Crate, but it is a decent amp for the money...I tend to use it in conjunction with a '68 Deluxe Reverb, they go together well..
2/16/2001 7:13 PM

What an interesting combination. I always liked the Crate VC amps. A lot of amp for the dough. IMHO, this amp rivals some lesser boutique amps for the tone. As for your '68, a very good amp! Is she modded at all?  
Jason C. Arthur
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2/16/2001 8:46 PM

a friend of mine has a 70s LP special with p100s that sounds un-freakin-believable through my AC15 Twin (2 twelves, not the reissue with tens). A Tele with Bardens through the same amp is great in a different way. You can get into the same zone using lower output pickups with a good pedal like the Centaur.  
A pair of EL84s working hard through 2 twelves is the shit !
2/16/2001 9:28 PM

That sounds KILLER! Two Twelves! Vox! Fifteen Watts Unleashing Hell! Mmmmmmm, Vox. Has it strangled any Super Reverbs Lately?  
Jason C. Arthur
2/16/2001 8:57 PM
Jason, the '68 isn't modded..yet! My repair guy said it's completely blackface inside...It seems to be pretty stock except for the vibrato disable I did last night..any easy mods you could suggest?
2/16/2001 9:31 PM

I like simplicity. Try out a .0022uF coupling cap from the second to third stage bright channel and/or .022uF from PI to Output Tubes. I like Mallory 150's. Read my other postings to you. You may really like this simple, reversible mod.  
Jason C. Arthur
2/16/2001 9:39 PM
I almost forgot! Use a VERY good rectifier tube with your Deluxe(GZ-34/5AR4). Mullards are a bit pricey, but you will find it to be a very killer, simple mod. Try this out before doing anything else! I think you will agree.  
Jason C. Arthur
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