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2/13/2001 2:55 PM
i was wondering if anybody can offer any suggestion on a good sounding digital amp?  
so far there is LINE 6, but now yamaha dg stomp, tech 21 trademark amps,  
fender cyber twin, and marshall avt amps, and  
the johnson amps are out.. which one is the one to get?
2/13/2001 3:34 PM

Of course, as you've probably heard a million times, there is no substitute for real tube amp warmth, response, harmonics, and TONE! I have to admit I do own a Line6 AxSys212. It is, IMHO, by far the best MODELING amp available. Not the best amp, though.  
This company started with this product, and have done their research pretty well. I do have the ORIGINAL version of this amp, and not  
the upgraded Ax2 version, which will be all you see now. It's a great amp, the tones are good enough, the effects are good enough, and it's loud enough(I've never cranked it past 10 o'clock on the volume in a live situation-ouch!). Notice I do say  
GOOD ENOUGH. If you've played with good tube amps before you get one of these--sooner or later you WILL crave a tube amp. You will eventually end up spending more money on a tube amp, and probably a good effect or two.  
I will probably never get rid of this thing, no matter what tube amp I buy next! I am looking forward to getting an upgrade to the AX2 version as soon as possible! It's got a Dumble model on it which sounds good to my ears, even though it doesn't hold a candle to a REAL DUMBLE! This amp is great for a working musician, and it simplifies your rig very well.  
I am about to buy a handmade, expensive,  
boutique tube amp. This Line 6 will make you spend more money down the road than ever before  
because you will want a well-made tube amp after having this for a while!  
The bottom line--tube amps will make you happier tone-wise. Nothing beats a good sounding tube amp. The Line 6 AX2 212 is good enough and will do the job for you. BUT, there is NO substitute for  
real tubes. I've used them both...  
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any  
questions about my Line6...  
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2/13/2001 3:45 PM

Steer clear of the Johnson and the Tech 21.They're terible! Line 6 is much better than the Johnson.  
Don't let the one preamp tube thing in the Johnson fool you! You're better off having a solid state preamp driving a solid state power amp, than a tube preamp driving one! WHY? Tests have shown there is NO audible difference. Preamp tubes driving solid  
state power amps will just make you spend more money--not get better tone.  
Line 6 is the best digital amp I've heard so far, and it's a better buy. I use an AX2, and it's great!I still use my Fender Twin Reverb and Marshall Plexi more, but the AX2 has its place!  
Just my $.02!  
2/13/2001 9:53 PM
Stephen Conner
"You're better off having a solid state preamp driving a solid state power amp, than a tube preamp driving one! WHY? Tests have shown there is NO audible difference."
I've just built a small 3 watt SE tube amp. It sounds great through a 2x12" Marshall cab. When hooked up to a dummy load, and fed to the same cab via a solid-state power amp, it sounds about identical. To my ears, in fact, it sounds even better. I'm recording my results so that you guys can take the solid-state tone challenge too ;)  
Steve C
2/13/2001 4:07 PM
D. Davidson
I've played a good guitar through a  
Fender Squier 15 solid state amp, and  
it's clean tone beat the crap out of the  
digital amps! Get a Roland Jazz Chorus 120  
if you don't want tube amp!
2/13/2001 4:16 PM
Brain Tuba

You can get away with solid state or digital if you  
play jazz or country. You really don't need tubes  
if you play modern metal like Limp Bizkit (ugh! I don't know why those guys even feel like they need Mesa Boogies!) get a solid state amp for that metal stuff! For everything else a tube amp is the only way to go.
2/13/2001 4:27 PM

Digital amps. Don't waste your money. Save up, spend more, but don't waste your money on digital amps! If your sound is important, you'll make the sacrifice.  
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