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Re: Triad R-8A Transformer

2/13/2001 2:02 PM
Re: Triad R-8A Transformer
***Triad R-8A***  
Based on 115vac input to primary:  
250v-0-250v @75ma (capacitor input filter)  
250v-0-25ov @90ma (choke input)  
5vac @ 2A (rectifier filament, such as 5Y3)  
6.3v center tapped @ 3A (heater winding)  
This trans should be a horizontal mount type (through the chassis rectangular hole), and also has a static shield fitted.  
Keep in mind that if your line voltage is not 115vac, then multiply all secondary voltages by the same percentage difference as line voltage/115.  
You could build a decent Champ type amp, or an AX84 with this power transformer, and certainly a guitar or bass preamp.  
2/13/2001 3:01 PM

My experience with TRIAD's R-"X"A series PTs is that they KICK ASS too.  
They were made when companies were proud of what they did and made sure their products would exceed what they said they will do.  
Not like todays attitude... get by with the minimum.  
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