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I scored, big time..........

2/9/2001 9:35 PM
I scored, big time..........
Just got given 2 all-original late 70's Silver Face Champs ---free of charge-- from my old elementary school. I was there doing a presentation on sound using my guitar, one of my homemade tube amps, oscilloscope, sine wave generator, microphone. The standard Mr. Wizard stuff, letting them see what sound looks like on the scope, hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20 Khz, etc.  
I guess my karma paid out, cause I asked about the old Fender amps that used to be in the closet. Lo and behold, they were still there, untouched for at least 20 years. The principal said "Have a ball with 'em".  
They've still got the owner's manual in the bottom of the cab.  
Rock and Roll!  
2/9/2001 9:41 PM
Bill Harbour

I hate you.  
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2/9/2001 9:42 PM
Pierre Debs

I thought you got laid.:-)
2/10/2001 12:10 AM

YOu dont get given 2 champs very often.. you can get laid any day of the week... and if you cant on your own effortts, sell one of the champs and you can pay for the getting laid with the profits ;)
2/9/2001 9:56 PM

I wonder if my local elementary school has any 1957 Les Paul closet queens? It might be time to do some volunteer work!
2/9/2001 10:15 PM
Sonic Bloom

Although I'm happy for you, it seems a bit sad that the school never got much use, if any, out of those two practice amps. :( Someone, probably a music teacher, must have had dreams of integrating electric guitars into one or more of the music programs that were available and went to the trouble of requisitioning those two little Fenders. I guess things didn't work out, for whatever reason (maybe because they weren't Marshalls!)  
Anyway, time to get out that stereo chorus pedal!
2/9/2001 10:40 PM
I scored, big time too..........
My freshman year was the first year our school had a stage band in over 30 years, and they still had the amp they used way back when... a '66 BF Bandmaster. Well, my sophomore year the teacher that started up the stage band left, and the new teacher didn't want to teach the class... so they let me have the Bandmaster! Cool huh?  
PS..the Bandmaster wasn't in very good shape though...
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