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Re: Is anyone here really that dumb?

1/30/2001 6:19 AM
Steve A.
Re: Is anyone here really that dumb?
I wonder how many people that have posted here have gone on to use the "ideas" taken from here about other amps to make a real living as an amp builder/designer...  
    What about the lurkers who read the threads but never post anything? When you read about some of the new features in various boutique amps it makes you wonder if they have been lurking around here... or is it just a coincidence???  
    Regardless of where they get their ideas it is not easy to make a real living building boutique amps... just ask Bruce Collins, PeteR or Andy Fuchs. Maybe you sell 8 amps in a good month... well, next month you still have to make your house payment and there is no resting on your laurels. Unless they have a "day job" they need to scramble around doing repairs or whatever to pay their bills.  
Steve Ahola
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