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Suggestions wanted for a good power amp to build

1/26/2001 5:32 PM
MJ Harnish
Suggestions wanted for a good power amp to build
I'm looking to build a mono or stereo tube power amp to use with a couple different preamps I've got. Anyone got a suggestion on what to try and where to find schematics? I'm looking for 20-50w... I was even toying with the idea of building a stereo power amp but using two different amps for each side (e.g., 6V6's on one side and EL84's on the other). Any tips or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.  
1/26/2001 6:23 PM
Sven Wickstršm

There are a lot of various schematics and other information in Kevin O'Connor's Principles of Power.  
Good source.  
Sven Wickstršm
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