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Larry Carlton and His Dumble

1/26/2001 4:58 PM
Larry Carlton and His Dumble
I just received a video tape from a friend of mine which was taken from a tour that Larry did some years ago. I don't have any reference info other than it was recorded in SanFrancisco and he was 39 years old at the time, (more hair and less greys). Anyways,if you want to hear a Dumble sing, this tape was unbelievable. He used a Valley Arts Guitar, Strat with a humbucker at the bridge. The note articulation was staggering. When he attacked the note, a wonderful chirp would occur followed by a thick midrangey sustain. You could tell he really enjoyed the touch sensitivity, playing with the voicing as he dug into the note. The basic tone thru the concert was pretty constant. The only time it differed was when he switched to the neck pickup which was a single coil. This sounded wondereful as well. He was surrounded with several Dumble cabs leaned up at him while he was playing. They looked like they held a single 12". If you have an opportunity to find this video, get it. Larry really shows how a Dumble can sound great.  
1/26/2001 6:39 PM
Gil Ayan

Agreed Robbie, LC's 1980's sound was to die for. However, did you see the size of the rack he used in that concert? (it was at the Warfield Theater inSF, by the way) That rack and the EMGs surely played a big role in that tone.  
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1/26/2001 7:41 PM
Graydon D. Stuckey
Re: Larry Carlton and His Dumble & his rack
"That rack and the EMGs surely played a big role in that tone."
In his instructional video, Larry explains that his rack is there to allow him to run his effects in parallel with the Dumble (as I know you are aware but some others here might not be.)  
I think that, yes, that rack plays a big role in the great tone, but I also think it can be duplicated with a Dumble (or a good clone) for the basic "tone machine" and a much simpler, less expensive rack or some other external effects system. Basically, a buffer of some type(like a Dumblelator or a transformer-based unity gain-preamp such as the input pre in the Digital Music Ground Control Expanders) into a decent reverb/delay unit into a power amp and a pair of extra speakers will do it. That allows the Dumble to remain clean and unadulterated by effects, while the effects get their own amp and speakers. A volume pedal used as an effects send to the effects unit then works great to control the amount of effect on stage.  
The only problem is that it then takes three mics to properly mic that setup on stage.  
Graydon Stuckey
1/26/2001 8:02 PM
Re: Larry Carlton and His Dumble
This is the Larry Carlton Live tape. constantly puts this up on over and over.  
This was recorded at the Warfield I think.  
While this is a good concert - the best I have _seen_ Larry play is the 1995 concert in Japan - Larry and Lee.  
He is playing his you know what off!!!!!  
You also get to see him play his Les Paul, and 335 - and get to hear Lee play over Room 335 too!
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