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Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin

1/21/2001 1:01 PM
Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin
So what's it sound like?
1/22/2001 4:25 AM

Must be the resurrection of the Central Scrutinizer. When all amps are digital, one good virus to knock 'em all out, and that scurge known as rock and roll will finally die!
1/22/2001 4:55 PM
Jim S.

"This is the Central Scaaaaaaaaroooootinizerrrr!"  
(I still miss Frank).  
1/22/2001 4:28 AM

Hey, JM-have you heard this amp in person or played through one? *If* you have, and it sounds like shit to you, THEN perhaps I won't take offense to your audiologist remark. I, too, was sneering until I heard it, and was more impressed when I played through it. It's dynamic and fun. I spent more time checking them out today, along with several great musicians and we agreed that this is a VERY good sounding tool and will solve a lot problems for working/recording musicians.  
Hey, Joe-it sounds GOOD, and is easy to tweak on the fly. I hesitate to say it totally nails every amp, but the Fender and Vox sounds are really quite excellent. I'm not sure I'm getting one, but it is tempting...
1/22/2001 10:54 AM

hey, what do they retail for in the USA?, I'll have to multiply x 2 to calculate the price in aussie dollars, and yes I was impressed with the sound samples from the Fender site, particularly the champ emulation, very tube like, (please don't hurt me guys!).  
I am a tube amp player because 'I like' the sound of tubes, not just because 'I like tubes' no matter what they sound like, and that's the difference.  
If they can put something together that sounds to my ears and to everyone else's like tubes then what's the problem,,, hmmmm, maybe my boogie is in danger of extinction..!!! 8-)
1/22/2001 4:46 PM
HELLO...HELLO... The point is most people that have heard it already are saying that the Cybertwin sounds like the rest of the modeling amps out there. If you are happy with that sound then by all means send a Fender dealer your credit card number. If you notice that they don't hold up next to the real deal then this one probably ain't gonna work for ya either.  
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