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Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin

1/20/2001 4:47 PM
frank paxton
Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin
What IS a new sound ? Somewhere there's a kid dreaming about it. Perhaps he or she will use digital amp technology to produce it. The fact that digital sound generation is an attempt to model analog sound is a clear admission that analog sound is the standard. So there's nothing to argue about ... YET. Many of you will say "what else IS there ?" - meaning that's IT, end of story.  
But we all know the story never ends. Somewhere there's a kid dreaming ...
1/21/2001 3:16 AM

seems like a POD 2.0 with a power amp to me
1/21/2001 11:54 AM

Well, I hate digital, hate modeling amps, it's gotta be the real deal for me. I don't even want a PCB in MY amp...But guess what? I spent a lot of time at NAMM today completely loving the Cyber-Twin. It rocks. Plain and simple. Perhaps I've lost my mind...
1/21/2001 1:13 PM
Perhaps you have Edgar. Get some help would you? With delusions like this you might hurt someone or even yourself. Maybe you have been standing a little too close to the "real deal" so a trip to an audiologist might be a good idea as well.  
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