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Re: Who is Lee Jackson?

1/11/2001 7:32 PM
Re: Who is Lee Jackson?
I owned a Lee Jackson Marshall. It sounded awesome when I could keep it together. It blew 2 OTs in six months and I gave it to our soundguy for free. I've heard all kinds of Lee Jackson horror stories like mine. I think he went into hiding because of all the guys that would like to kick his ass.
1/11/2001 8:34 PM

Thank you guys for the info. So maybe he isn't ãTHE ampguruä at all!  
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1/12/2001 2:43 AM

I Per,  
I talked with Lee back in 1998 when he had moved to Austin, Tx and he was real cool about giving amp info to me when I asked questions. If you want to hear what his amps sounded like back in the 80s go buy a album called (Eat em and smile) by David Lee Roth and Steve Via played a marshall modified amp for that album. Steves tones were pretty awsome on that album. I believe that Lee got fed up with the L.A. scene and amp companies that shafted him so he left. He did have a big hit in the early 90s with a crate amp he designed called The Stealth which sounded cool for that time. I liked that amp much better than the ampeg amps he designed. The ampeg 501 is basically a marshall jcm800 with an extra gain stage. Lee did have some horror stories about him but who can really say whats what since some guys are so abusive to their amps that they damage them and blame lee for the amp blowing up. Tube amps are tough but you cant slam em around like transistor amps.  
1/15/2001 1:48 AM

I met Lee when he worked for Paul Rivera. After Paul went to work for Fender, Lee did alot of repairs and some mods for me on small amps. He always did a great job, and I still own some of the amps. I heard his Marshall mods and they were pretty scary, but I never owned one. Many of the 80's metal guys used his stuff. I have no idea where he is today. G
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