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Attention design freaks: Amp protoype drawings

1/7/2001 11:26 AM
Joe Gagan
Attention design freaks: Amp protoype drawings
Hi everybody!  
I just put up a page that shows an amp [three versions of heads] that Tim Gagan and I have been prototyping for quite some time.  
He has recently gotten more of the work done on the stainless chassis. We had to build it since the ready made ones were a little too short. He is almost ready to start installing the parts. The working mule prototype has been in action onstage for the last 18 months.  
I will let him divulge the electronic info if he wants to.  
My dept. is the cab design and construction.  
The front plate [middle section above controls] is designed to be removable and interchangeable, so the buyer can collect different flame maple face plates and swap at will. This panel contains holes that let the backlit pilot lighting to shine from within. The dark areas in the drawing are the holes.  
Any guesses as to where the basic shape and dimensions originate?  
1/7/2001 11:51 AM

Looks like it'll be nice Joe!  
Are you going to show us the finished product?  
The fuzzface on the next page is pretty trick too...does it handle road use?  
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1/7/2001 12:21 PM
Joe Gagan

Hi Pete, Nice to hear from you! How goes it down there? Are you selling some amps?  
We will definitely put up some photos as we get more going on it.  
The little baby dinosaurs on the Fuzz Face were glued on with epoxy, I used that one on the road for a month or so with no dinosaur falloffs. I imagine a guitar cord getting snagged on it could rip one offa there pretty easy, but I was careful. Sometimes you have to put up with a litle hardship for art!
1/7/2001 7:39 PM
Reminds me of the Ampeg days of using the lit plexglass panels on the B-15 amps. I heard you could get custom nameplates for your amps back then.And Some of the newer ones had the lit Ampeg logo,but this amp looks better with the different background styles. Cool.. You might see people taking this to like the Lava thing moving and lit while your playing, to dancing colored lights,or one of those programed word things..I like the one you have.  
1/7/2001 8:30 PM
Joe Gagan
Backlighting and CRATE
Thanks, Richie,  
I appreciate the compliment.  
Of course I was inspired by the old Ampegs, that was such a nice design. Reminded me of a city skyline at night.  
Crate has a see through grille on their Blue Voodoo heads, but on their publicity photos I wondered if they augmented the tube glow with a little extra lighting. Hughes & Kettner marketing people also seem to exaggerate the glow of the tubes in their ads.  
Ours is actually going to have low voltage lights [colors] strategically placed in the inside. Hey,if we can't make it beautiful, why bother? So much other stuff [tolex, boring boxes] has already been done.
1/8/2001 2:53 AM
Sean Weatherford

The Hughes and Kettner Duotone actually has a plexiglass panel which is side lit by a three(?) flourescent bulbs which are only available through the factory.  
The only Blue voodoo I was able to inspect had either a chrome finish or a mirror on the back to accentuate the glow. Still sounded like a chainsaw though.  
I have a homebrew head I'm planning to put 4 watt red and green christmas lamps in to indicate channel switching. I hope it will be extremely cool looking like your amp.  
P.S. Is your brother the Tim Gagan who converted and old Acoustic amp to take EL-34's and had fuse problems? If so, how did it work out?  
Sean Weatherford  
Central, SC
1/8/2001 3:46 AM
Tim Gagan

Yeah, Sean, that's me. You have a good memory. That was actually Joe's amp. We just used a 2 or 2.5 amp fuse--I can't remember which--and the amp has survived plenty of hours of use like that. The schematic for that amp is at  
if you're interested.  
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