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sfFender Musicmaster bass. push pull 6V6 classA? Who

1/1/2001 11:43 AM
sfFender Musicmaster bass. push pull 6V6 classA? Who
I picked up a 79Musicmaster bass amp. One AX7 and two 6V6 classA for so far I can see. It brings a 12" CTS speaker ans should be 12Watt. Amp sound dull, no exitement at all. I'm looking for some ideas to get some nice overdriven lead sounds from this amp. It would be great if anyone who would share some ideas.  
Thanks and happy newyear!  
1/1/2001 2:54 PM
phil ruetz

The easiest mod to do on this amp is yank out the tone control, and replace it with a master volume. If you have the tools, you could punch the chassis for another 12ax7, and build a 4-stage preamp. While you're at it, drill some holes in the back panel for a 2 or 3 band EQ. Then chop the bottom off the cabinet so you've got the world's lightest and most portable 12 watt all tube head.  
Just a few suggestions, hope this helps.  
-- phil
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1/1/2001 3:53 PM

lighten up dude! If everybody didn't think they were going to get rich by making vintage type amps( Fender included) maybe we can afford to buy something else. I can't see spending $1000 on a 15- 20 watt amp. I hate the idea of moding something that can't be replaced, so put them in a museum and somebody please build some affordable amps that you don't mind putting in the trunk or someone putting a beer on during a gig. How about some kits to mod the newer fenders???????? I tried the blues jr. and it just didn't cut it. I'm having my amp tech make my musicmaster into a princeton type amp and will keep everybody posted on this. To buy a princeton for $400 or more then buy a new baffle and 12" spk. for another few hundred bucks and new tubes and some tweaks and why bother. The musicmaster will never be a collectable amp so when in a few years a princeton goes for over a grand you can look at your amp and smile. NOAH
1/1/2001 8:51 PM
Woody C

I used one of those amps at a jam a while back. I didn't care for it until Tim Gagan pointed out that it had an interstage transformer in place of a splitter. To me, that makes it a cool amp even if it sounds bad.  
I have read that its hard to make splitter transformers with a good frequency response. I'm wondering if thats why its a musicmaster "bass" rather than just a musicmaster.  
If so, and the sound of the amp is being limited by the high end of that transformer, maybe a first thing to try would be a standard kind of bright switch, or just a 120pF cap across the volume pot?  
Just a thought/speculation ...
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