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Re: Sizing PT's WRT current ratings

12/6/2000 4:05 PM
Matt Re: Sizing PT's WRT current ratings
Thanks Carl! The whole amp other than the Bandmaster chassis, sockets, etc. and the PT is Marshall Plexi (per Doug Hoffman's board kit) with a few slight mods (like bright caps, cathode bypass caps, nothing major). The OT is an MOP-50 and I used the LCR 50ufx50uf cap cans. High B+ is 470v so other than the PT, I don't know why the bass would be loose. And the heater voltage is about 6.2v on the first preamp tube so I think I'm OK there. The PT doesn't even really get hot except for heat from the tubes (biased @ ~41ma each which includes ~4ma screen current so ~37ma idle plate current). I've already bought a Hammond 272JX which appears to be WAY overkill. Oh well, live and learn!  
Oh yeah, I've already ordered the OEI Plexi OT so no need to suggest that. I'm anxious to hear if there is that much of a difference in that OT.
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