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testing preamp tubes by ear (just an opinion)

11/11/2000 12:46 AM
testing preamp tubes by ear (just an opinion)
I did a lot of swaping and testing in my amp today.  
In all positions except the power tubes (TungSol 5881's).  
The amp currently has Mullards in all preamp sockets.  
I begun with "other" brands... no good.  
Then I tried Telefunken smooth plates. Oh my G.!  
It was another world of clarity.  
*The tube*.  
Fantastic! Celestial, that's the word.  
But too good... or clean? too much detail?  
Then, I went back to the Mullards, Telefunken...  
Definetely, Mullards go in there for ever.  
Then, I tried RCA's.  
If I never had listened the Mullards, these would me my choice for guitar preamp tubes.  
They have their own character, mullard alike in a way, but different. They are now my second favourite preamp tubes, second just because I like the Mullards so much.  
Try a 12AY7 RCA instead of the 12AX7 in the first stage for blues. It's a bit like switching from pentode to triode mode.  
Less gainy but still sensitive and clear enough.  
GREAT TUBES, second to none.  
All this, just in my personal opinion.  
11/11/2000 1:04 AM

Use YOUR ears for what YOU like. Nobody else's opinion really matters if what you like gives you YOUR sound and sells YOUR music.. right?  
(Ya ever hear of Neil Young?)  
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