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Marshall "valvestate"

11/8/2000 7:52 AM
Alvaro Salinas
Marshall "valvestate"
I Have now a cheap Marshall VS8020 Valvestate  
20 Watts Those one to practice and house jams.  
The sounds is very gritty and Midrangey.  
But i opened it and like all the owners of VALVESTATE "" WHERE IS THE FUCKING VALVE"??  
So i think about modding it for better  
Bass Response and Trebble Control, for me a ideal amp is a brightier one but instead very warm and With good Fidelity. Marshall colors so much the tone and the chorus/modulation effects almost making them unusable for pleasure results, but if you want to make noise.. GO FOR IT.  
Could improve the sound changing the speaker wire for a OFC PRO-SPK cable? or changing the OP-AMPS  
in different stages. Also using Diodes instead of LED's in the BOOST channel? what do i do to have a lineal BASS Control instead of a GAIN/BASS control.  
is just weird i start cracking the gain knob and the bass response is weird. Plain Flat Buzzin Ear Bleeding sounding at low levels volumes , IDEAL for FUZZES.  
Maybe it's the Pot type. Maybe i must change it to a LOG-TAPER or LINEAR TAPER or Reverse Log Taper. Whatever..  
HElp Apreciated.  
11/8/2000 5:29 PM
Re: Marshall "valvestate"
Fisrt thing to do with SS amps is try a different speaker they seem to be built for a price point. good speakers cost money, however with the valstate and almost all new SS amps that use current feedback or a mix of current and voltge feedback you should make sure the Ohm rating is the same this affects the gain as well as stablity. There is a good write up of this type of circuit at the ESP site. As alot of things in Audio this is nothing new I think Bob Carver had an amp with this for guitars a few years ago. I looked at a frontman amp schematic it looked like current feedback. The z of an loadspeaker tends to go up with freg in this type circuit the gain and speaker damping goes down with freg this might explain why a lot of 7string "hard" rock metal type music player like SS amps like this because they have a "tight" bottem and more "open" highs.
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