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first home brew

10/30/2000 3:11 PM
first home brew
I am going to build a Deluxe type as my first amp  
I play blues and like the smooth distortion  
at a rather low volume since most places I  
play are small.I also use a clean tone alot  
so thought the Deluxe at 30 or 40 watts  
would work out good.  
Any suggestions as to what Deluxe shcematic and layout would best suit my needs?Any other suggestions would be welcome.  
10/30/2000 3:25 PM

A buddy of mine gigs with a brown deluxe.('62?) Anyway it sounds great. I borrowed it for a couple of gigs of my own and it was really nice. I imagine in a medium size club you might start to struggle for enough volume. You're not gonna be able to get a clean tone at gigging levels.
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10/30/2000 3:58 PM

I thought if I stayed close to the 40 watts I  
might be able to get a clean tone at gigs.I had a Hot Rod DeVille at 60 watts and it was to much for small clubs.I now have a JCM 2000 Marshall which is way to much but I love the clean tone.I kind of miss  
the Fender distortion.I'm not as fond of the Marshall gain.
10/30/2000 4:16 PM

Just build the Tweed Deluxe or Tweed Tremolux with bigger transformers and use 6L6s.  
You'll get about 30w-36w output.  
You'll NEVER hear the difference between 30 watts and 40 watts.  
10/30/2000 5:20 PM

Thanks Bruce.That sounds like a winner to me.  
Any good sights with more than just the layout and schematics?I have worked on amps but this is the first build from scratch.
10/30/2000 8:10 PM

Another good one to build would be the Fender Pro Jr. And as Bruce said.. use bigger transformers and whatever tubes you like.  
10/31/2000 4:48 AM

Go over to and look for chassis kits.  
You can use a tweed Deluxe 5e3 chassis kit.  
You have to supply all the parts including transformers, so just use bigger, 30-50 watt trannies and two 6L6s!  
Works great.  
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